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Health Benefits of Lemon

– Lemons contain slightly less Vitamin C then oranges, two times less than kiwis, and four times less than black currants.

– Lemons are excellent for combating excess acidity. Experiments have shown that the regular use of lemon stimulates the production of potassium carbonate, a substance that neutralizes excess acidity (Dr. J. Valnet).

– A lemon cure is recommended for cases of:

– arteriosclerosis (lemon makes the blood more fluid)

– varicosity

– phlebitis

– demineralization

– rheumatism

– gout and excess uric acid

– gastric hyperacidity

– liver and pancreatic insufficiency

– high cholesterol

– Hot lemon juice stimulates perspiration and is recommended for cases of cold or flu, and to fortify the liver. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and add an equal amount of boiling water.

– Lemon juice kills harmful bacteria. A few drops of lemon juice, for example, kills 92% of the bacteria in raw oysters in just a few minutes.

– Lemon juice is also effective for combating liver attacks, nausea, aphtha and angina, and for aiding digestion.

– Some people claim that external applications of lemon (or orange) juice help clean and tone the skin, and fight wrinkles.

– Lemon juice whitens teeth, strengthens nails and helps alleviate insect bite symptoms.

– Use lemon to season salads instead of vinegar, combined with olive oil.

– To fight constipation drink 10 drops of lemon mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil (first cold-pressed) every morning.

– For eye irritation: 1 drop of lemon juice in each eye.

– Try to buy organically grown lemons whenever possible.

– Note: persons who are nervous and frail, or who tend to develop frequent ear, nose or throat infections, should limit their intake of lemon, and avoid combining lemon with starchy foods.

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