Health Benefits of Leeks

– The green leaves of leeks are rich in pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

– Leeks contain no oxalic acid, enabling the body to assimilate the minerals they contain with ease.

– Leeks are especially recommended for persons suffering from anaemia.

– Rich in pectin, they lower cholesterol levels and help prevent arteriosclerosis.

– Antiseptic, mildly diuretic and laxative, leeks are recommended for cases of cystitis, bladder or gallstones, and other urinary disorders.

– If you have a delicate stomach you should mix your leeks with other vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

– Leeks’ diuretic and laxative effect helps clean the intestines. A leek cure rids the digestive tract of accumulated waste.

Internal applications: recommended for cases of dyspepsia anaemia rheumatism / arthritis / gout urinary disorders bladder stones kidney insufficiency obesity arteriosclerosis.

External application: use leek compresses to treat abscesses boils cystitis urine retention haemorrhoids corns insect bites cuts and wound facial eruptions