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Health Benefits of Green pepper

– Green peppers are very rich in Vitamin C. Some peppers are milder-tasting than others, but all types:

– stimulate secretions of saliva and gastric juices

– tone the digestive system.

– Green peppers are recommended for persons suffering from emphysema, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis or other respiratory problems.

– Green peppers are excellent for stimulating expectoration.

– Swedish researchers found that a substance in green peppers (capsaicine) desensitizes the lungs and prevents bronchi from shrinking or swelling, which is what happens to smokers and persons suffering from allergy-related asthma.

– Green peppers clean and decongest sinuses (you can also add 20 drops of Tabasco to a glass of lukewarm water and gargle with the liquid – effective as a cold remedy).

– Capsaicine is also an effective analgesic. When applied locally (to an aching tooth, for example) capsaicine inhibits pain impulses from being transmitted to the brain. According to T. Burts, director of the Pharmacology Department at the University of Tucson in Arizona, capsaicine has yielded very promising results in the treatment of arthritic pain. The substance also lowers cholesterol levels (by preventing the liver from producing cholesterol) and triglyceride levels in the blood. It is interesting to note that cholesterol levels do not depend solely on the kinds of food you eat, but also on how much cholesterol is produced by your liver.

– People in Thailand, who eat a lot of green pepper, rarely suffer from heart attacks (embolism). This may be because green peppers contain substances that prevent the formation of blood clots, and activate a process that helps dissolve existing clots. The only drawback is that these substances are effective for only a short time – about a half hour after being ingested. Researchers suggest that eating small amounts of green pepper on a regular basis (every day) creates a kind of immunity to heart disease.

– To combat burning sensations in the mouth and digestive tube that can result from eating hot peppers, the brain secretes endorphin, a kind of natural euphoric drug that produces a sensation of well-being (the same hormone is secreted after orgasm!).

– Not recommended for persons suffering from ulcers or heartburn.

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