Fruit juice is without doubt one of the best and healthiest products available to human beings. Fruits are nature’s vitamin suppliers, eaten by most herbivores in preference to any other foods. Each fruit contains a variety of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and even proteins, which make it a vital part of the food chain. In juiced form they are easily available, not hard to digest and easy to transfer across the bowel membrane.

The above statement applies to fresh fruit or fresh fruit juices. Read on…

Juices that are prepared, processed, packaged and provided to us through the shops are at best, from a nutritional point of view, worthless and at worst harmful. Without many exceptions they have added sugar. Even those that state ‘no added sugar’ may have up to six teaspoonfuls of refined glucose added. I am not sure of the political mechanics but it is something like this. The food manufacturers claim that the manufacturing process removes sugar that would otherwise be present. Adding sugar back in is merely replacing the fruit’s own store. There is, therefore, no added sugar. The governments believe this and we and our children are subjected to refined, artificial sugar additives in these ‘natural’ fruit juices.

To conform to most hygiene standards, fruits from which juices are made are generally put into contact with some form of preservative. The fruits themselves are mass produced and most often artificially chemically encouraged to grow larger . Many chemicals are added to remove the unpleasant flavour of the skin and pips that are all pulverized in the juice-making process. One of these chemicals is formaldehyde, a chemical used for preserving bodies!

Many vitamins are denatured or altered through the process, especially vitamin C, which alters when exposed to air. The addition of artificial vitamin C at a later stage is the food industry’s answer but this is not absorbed as well as orange’s original vitamin C because it imbalances the proportion of bioflavonoids that are needed to help absorption.

In conclusion, freshy extracted and immediately drunk fruit juice is one of the best forms of nutrition, as opposed to the easily available artificial fruit juices that are sold to us in the belief that they are of benefit. At best, our body will deal with the chemical poisoning and high sugar content that we take in, and at worst it will not. There is a dramatic increase in UK of diabetes, especially in the age group under five years, and I suspect that the increase in white sugar through fruit juices is a primary factor in this finding.