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Health Benefits of Fish

– Generally rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, fish are a staple of people’s diets around the world.

– According to recent studies, fish – and especially oily, cold water fish like herring, mackerel and salmon, possess a number of therapeutic properties. Lean fish don’t contain as much oil as oily fish, and it is fish oil (more precisely a fatty acid called Omega-3) that endows fish with their numerous beneficial properties.

– Omega-3

– keeps the blood fluid

– protects veins and arteries

– lowers triglyceride levels in the blood

– lowers levels of harmful LDL cholesterol (the kind that forms deposits on artery walls)

– reduces blood pressure

– reduces the risk of heart attack (apoplexy, embolism, infarct)

– helps alleviate arthritic symptoms

– alleviates migraine pain

– combats inflammation

– balances the immune system

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