Health Benefits of Eggs

– Eggs are an excellent source of calcium, iron and phosphorous. They are very rich in Vitamin A, and contain large amounts of Vitamins B1,B2 and D.

– Lipids found primarily in the yolk contain emulsifiers that make them very easy to digest.

– Egg protein is composed of all essential amino acids, ideally suited to meet the needs of the human organism. They are involved in growth, renewing tissues and synthesizing hormones and enzymes.

– All kinds of eggs (chicken, turkey, duck, quail, etc.) are extremely nutritious. In fact, an egg is nothing more than a very large cell, capable of forming a completely new organism.

– Eggs are rich in cholesterol, but no studies to date have shown that eggs actually do raise cholesterol levels in the blood.

– Eggs are a perfect food for persons who are dieting, and are well tolerated by persons with gastritis or ulcers.