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Health Benefits of Drinking water

– What you drink is extremely important. The water you use has a huge impact on your health, and on the quality of the foods you eat.

– Water plays a role in

– transporting food to different parts of your body

– assimilating food

– eliminating waste (through sweat and urine)

– conducting bio-electric energy

– building cells

– catalyzing biochemical processes and hydrolysis

– regulating body temperature

– Water contained in organically grown fruits and vegetables is much superior to the water content of non-organic produce.

– Water from natural sources contains minerals, but is not as pure as distilled water (except for rainwater and melted snow).

– Drinking water should be clear and odourless, taste pleasant and fresh.

– Drinking water should not contain too many minerals, and few nitrites or nitrates. It should also be free of bacteria, larvae, infectious microbes, etc.

– Water that contains a lot of minerals should be used for medicinal purposes, and not on a regular basis.

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