Health Benefits of Dandelion

– Dandelion contains almost as much pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin C as parsley, making it an excellent anti-carcinogen. A study conducted in New Jersey showed that male smokers and ex smokers who eat green vegetables rich in pro-Vitamin A every day are only half as likely to develop cancer than those who eat green vegetables only three times a week.

– Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes a number of carcinogenic substances like free radicals and nitrosamines. 360

– A dandelion cure in spring helps clean your body of waste accumulated over the winter months.

– Dandelion stimulates cellular exchanges and cleans the blood.

– Dandelion is also a powerful diuretic, recommended for cases of edema, water retention and cellulite.

– Dandelion stimulates bile secretions and liver functions, and helps prevent gallstones.

– It also improves blood circulation, helps prevent arteriosclerosis, stimulates appetite and helps alleviate symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.