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Health Benefits of Corn (sweet corn)

– Poor in protein, rich in potassium, com contains no gluten and is well tolerated by persons who are allergic to wheat.

– Whole grain com is slightly heavy, and should be avoided by persons with digestive or nervous problems.

– Com helps combat rheumatism: prepare decoctions of dried com stalks using about two ounces per quart of water, boiled for 20 minutes and filtered.

– Com stalk decoctions are diuretic and recommended for cases of kidney stones and cystitis.

– Com stalk herbal tea is recommended for persons who want to lose weight: add a teaspoon of ground stalks to half a pint of boiling water, let stand for a few minutes, then filter and drink (without adding honey or other sweeteners).

– Com helps fight cancer. A global study showed a correlation between regular consumption of com (along with rice and vegetables) and a very low incidence of cancer of the breast, intestines and prostate, as well as cardiovascular disease.

– Results of some studies suggest that com oil may be carcinogenic, although its high Vitamin E content helps control cholesterol levels in the blood.

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