Health Benefits of Chicory (salad)

– Chicory re-mineralizes the body stimulates appetite and bile secretions facilitates digestion (recommended for children in syrup form) acts as a depurative (blood purifier) and diuretic (stimulating urine flow) has a mild laxative effect combats intestinal parasites helps reduce fever

Recommended for persons suffering from liver or gallbladder problems (colic, congestion, etc.) anorexia asthenia bladder insufficiency jaundice sluggish digestion dermatitis gout bladder or kidney stones arthritis

– urinary infections

– dropsy (accumulation of serous fluid in cavities)

– constipation

– malaria

– Chicory alleviates gastritis (often the result of drinking too much tea, coffee or alcohol).

– Since chicory salad stimulates bile secretions, it’s better to eat it before your main course instead of after.

– Compresses made with chicory leaves help soothe minor burns.

– Infusions: gather fresh chicory leaves in summer and dry them. Use 25 grams (about an ounce) of leaves per quart of boiling water. Let stand for ten minutes. Recommended for cases of liver attacks, jaundice, renal colic and stomach or intestinal irritation.