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Health Benefits of Chervil

– Chervil is rich in iron and carotene.

– It contains medicinal essences and a composite of the hormone estrogen.

– It acts as a diuretic.

– It helps combat and alleviate bronchitis, asthma and sore throats.

– Chervil purifies the blood – use it to add flavour to salads and cooked dishes, especially if you suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or gout.

– Mixing chopped chervil and a little garlic into some soft cheese makes a delicious spread.

Internal applications:

– Chervil acts as a stimulant; depurative (purifies the blood); diuretic; stimulates appetite; aids digestion; stimulates bile secretions; laxative; respiratory antiseptic; anti-carcinogen; regulates menstruation.

– Use chervil to treat scurvy, gout, rheumatism, kidney stones, liver problems, jaundice, lymphatic swelling, bronchitis, chronic pulmonary disorders, asthma (with phlegm expectoration), laryngitis, dropsy (accumulation of serous fluid in cavities or tissues), edema, cancer.

– Add chervil to salads, soups, main dishes and appetizers to enhance taste.

External applications:

– Soothes eye and skin irritation.

– Use external application of chervil juice and pulp to treat dermatitis, pruritus, external cancer tumours, haemorrhoids, eye infections, blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), and for facial care.

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