Health Benefits of Cherries

– Cherries are diuretic and help disinfect the intestines.

– Although poor in Vitamin C, they are very rich in oligo-elements.

– A 2 or 3 day cherry cure in season is an effective way to clean out your organism (2 pounds of cherries contains about 500 calories).

– Fresh cherry juice is excellent for persons who are ill or convalescing.

– Cherries are very effective for preventing tooth decay – they block 80% of enzyme activity responsible for the formation of dental plaque.

– Cherry stem infusions are a time-tested remedy for combating cellulite, disintoxicating the system, and fortifying the body (recommended for persons on weight loss diets).

– Cherries are the number 1 treatment for gout: they soothe inflammation of the urinary tract, alleviate rheumatic pain and decongest the liver. Eat 15 to 20 cherries a day during attacks, then reduce to 10 a day.