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Health Benefits of Cashew nuts

– In India, cashew nuts are used to treat stomach ulcers and gastritis.

– Cashews strengthen the body, increase vitality and are especially beneficial for the nervous system.

– All parts of the nut can be used for therapeutic purposes. Oil made from cashew shells makes an effective treatment for warts, tumours and wrinkles. Since it is corrosive, it must be handled with extreme care.

– The nuts themselves are rich in Vitamin C, and very diuretic.

– Cashew juice is prescribed for treating edema, uterine bleeding and painful menstruation.

– Researchers at the University of Benares in India have been studying the anti-carcinogenic properties of a variety of cashew nut (Semicarpus anacardium) for a number of years.

– Cashews are a very rich food, recommended as a between-meal snack.

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