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Health Benefits of Artichokes

Rich in potassium and fibre, artichokes should be avoided by persons suffering from bladder stones.

Artichokes are easier to digest when eaten raw, or only slightly cooked. Recommended for cases of

– arteriosclerosis

– rheumatism

– gout

– arthritis

– liver problems

Artichokes stimulate bile secretions and act as a diuretic. They are therefore recommended for cases of

– high cholesterol

– obesity

– urea

– sluggish digestion

Artichokes help eliminate toxins and medication residues. They accelerate recovery time for athletes, and shorten convalescence for persons recovering from an illness.

If you cook your artichokes, use the cooking water (which contains a lot of the minerals stripped from the artichokes themselves) to make soup instead of discarding it.

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