Health Benefits of Apricots

– Rich in carotene and potassium.

– Poor in Vitamin C.

– A mild laxative.

– Fortifying and very juicy.

– Recommended for persons suffering from fever.

– Aid to digestion.

– Dried apricots help alleviate constipation.

– Beneficial for persons with heart problems, because of their potassium content.

– Apricots strengthen the immune system.

– Rich in pro-Vitamin A, they help prevent or fight cancer.

– Fresh apricots have a calming effect on the nervous system.

They can be given to children suffering from diarrhoea, although most other fruits are prohibited (remember that dried apricots have a laxative effect).

– Apricots can be eaten fresh (only when ripe), lightly cooked (in compote), dried, or pressed into juice.

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