The importance of water is discussed in the section on dehydration .

The quality of the water that we take in is of extreme importance to our health. It is very rare that natural sources of water are available and most Western societies are now drinking water that may have been recycled up to seven times. Water should arrive from the skies to fill our lakes and reservoirs in a pure state but of course air pollution is altering that factor. Atomic fall-out is creating radioactive clouds and earth through which the rain must pass. Pesticides, insecticides and other agrochemicals are filling our soil and rivers and finding their way into the food chain. The water companies in many parts of the Western world are treating our water with chemicals, traces of which find their way into our nervous systems. The less-developed countries have water contaminated by faeces because of a lack of recycling plants, and overpopulation is making matters worse.

Sounds gloomy, does it not? We have to rely upon the strength of our body’s constitution and on our immune system to deal with the toxins that we inevitably take in. Bottled water has its critics but is, probably, safer than most tap water. Human cells are found in occasional samples but I dare say that these would be found in tap water too. One arguable criticism of bottied water is its mineral content. Whilst the body does need minerals, the absorption of these is energy-consuming and a water that actually tastes salty is probably best avoided. All bottles are now labelled and anything with a sodium content over 5mg/l should be replaced with one with less.

Filtration systems that can be fitted under the kitchen sink certainly remove a lot of the contaminants, and none more so than the reverse-osmosis filters that are beginning to come into circulation. These are, at the time of writing, expensive but worth it for those who can afford it. The more we buy, the more will be produced and the more the price will come down and be affordable by the masses.

Water has extremely special properties that are not fully explained by physics and is one of the prominent features and categories in Eastern philosophies of medicine. Homeopathy will probably be found to have its ‘unscientific’ effects and success based on the unique properties of the electrons within the water molecules.

Drink plenty and drink it pure.