NATURE is a despot with women. She gives to some perfect features; to others beautiful figures, lovely eyes and wonderful hair; to a few a combination of all. Seldom has a woman no physical beauty at all.

Real loveliness depends mainly on a healthy mind and body. Sunslnne and fresh air are essential, and exercise is of the greatest importance, but even the most robust woman must be careful of her complexion, and keep a finger on her pulse to see that she is not- over-doing it.

The hours that some women give up each day in a restless desire for somo- BATHS

BATHE for beautys sake. Cleanliness is next to loveliness.

It is important to wash the whole of the body at least once every twenty-four hours, and the quickest and most convenient way to do this is to get into a bath of water – preferably soft water – in order to keep the skin clean and healthy.

The right time to take a cleansing bath is at night, in order to prevent a chill afterwards, and for ordinary purposes, a bath from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature. To ascertain the right temperature of water it is necessary to use a bath thermometer.

Hot – 100 to 112° F.

Warm – 90 to 100° F.

Tepid – SO to 90° F.

Cool – 65 to 80° F.

Cold – 33 to 65° F.

Importance of Soft Water

In time, water softeners will be a common instaiUv thing to do, or merely in quest of pleasure, might well be spent in attending to their physical well-being. An overdraft on the bank of life is obtainable only at heavy, and often ruinous interest.

Playing cards in ill-ventilated rooms; neglecting to take proper food or sufficient nourishment, even too strenuous outdoor pursuits, will rob the best complexion of its youtliful bloom and bring signs of age far too soon.

What price should a woman pay for beauty? Is a question that can best be answered by another: What does she want from life?

BATHING tion in every womans home, for the value of soft water used hot or cold is beneficial to the skin. Most women are aware that to drink hard water is injurious to health as it tends to aggravate any internal disorder that may be present. The simplest method of softening water is thought to be boiling, but this does not entirely soften the water, nor does it improve the taste.

If it were possible to collect dew in sufficient amount to use for the morning wash it would prove a real beautilier. Most women have to take the water from the main tap as they find it, and use more than is good for the skin of soap or other softening ingredients until the water feels soft.

There are bath crystals and bath salts that impart a delightful fragranco and softness to hard water, but many are too highly scented and costly to use habitually.

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