When nasal symptoms are persistent, it is important to consult a doctor, as there are several effective treatments that he or she can prescribe once the possible non-allergic causes already described have been excluded. Obviously, identifying the allergen so that the sufferer can avoid it as far as possible is helpful. Alternatively, anti-allergic, antiinflammatory nasal sprays or drops, such as sodium crom-oglycate or corticosteroids, if used consistently as directed, are very effective at both preventing and relieving symptoms. Sufferers often have, or have had, other allergic-type conditions, such as eczema or asthma, or these may run in the family. Successful treatment of rhinitis can also keep asthma attacks at bay.

So it is well worthwhile consulting your doctor if you seem to have a permanent head cold or ‘hay fever’ – these always have a limited duration. Perennial rhinitis does not, but modern treatments will relieve it.

What’s Available?

Aller-Eze. See also HAY FEVER

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