Handsome Tipsy Cake

Handsome Tipsy Cake is one of those desserts with almost universal appeal. A dinner party favourite, it practically carries a guarantee that your guests will come back for more. As the name suggests, it is spiked with liquor and is colourfully decorated.

1 x

9-inch Genoise Sponge Cake, slightly stale

1 tablespoons raspberry jam

1 fl. oz. medium sherry

1 pint hot Creme a la


8 fl. oz. double cream

2 oz. glace cherries, halved

1 oz. angelica, cut into strips

1 oz. slivered almonds

Place the cake on a deep plate and slice it into two layers. Spread each half thickly with the jam and then sandwich the halves together. Pour the sherry over the cake. Pour the Cremc a la Vanille over the cake, coating the top and sides, and place the cake in the refrigerator to chill.

In a small bowl, beat the cream with a wire whisk or rotary beater until it forms soft peaks. Remove the cake from the refrigerator and, with a knife, spread the whipped cream over the top and sides of the cake, covering the Creme a la

Vanille completely. Decorate the cake with the cherries, angelica and almonds and return it to the refrigerator to chill until you are ready to serve.