Hake is the name given to a number of fish of the cod family. The fish are long and slender and generally weigh between 6 and 10 pounds. The flesh is soft and white and it is regarded as the easiest of all fish to fillet. It is, therefore, often recommended as the safest fish for children.

Hake are found in the North Sea arid in the Mediterranean (they are particularly plentiful off the coast of Spain). Other members of the family abound off the coasts of North and South America, New Zealand and South Africa, where the fish is known as stockfish.

Served with a light white wine, Hake with Ham and Egg Stuffing,garnished with tomatoes, is a superb dish for a formal dinner party.

Hake is sold whole or in fillets or steaks, and lends itself to almost any method of preparation, though it is especially good when poached, baked or made into fish balls. In Spain, the fish is often served cold, and it is very good with salads.

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