Haemanthus in the greenhouse

These are bulbous plants with red flowers. Although there is a yellow variety obtainable, this is very rare, and is not very widely grown.

Grown in a moderate temperature in a compost of two parts sandy loam, one part peat, well-decayed manure and sand, these plants will usually thrive. They like plenty of moisture and sunshine during the growing period, but this should be decreased after flowering.

The early-flowering species may be potted from August to November, but the later kinds should be left until March or April. While the plants are in flower, a weak dose of liqnid manure Should be given, but after flowering the bulbs should be allowed to dry off.

Repot only after three or four years. The plants are increased by means of offsets removed at repotting time, and treated as advised for the older bulbs. . These plants belong to the fern seotion and make excellent greenhouse decoration. They like a fairly high temperature, and a moderate amount of water. They should be grown in a compost of two parts peat and one part sand.

The best time to pot is February or March. They are increased by means of spores from the back of the leaves; These should be sown in pans of sandy soil in a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees. This can be dono at almost any time.

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