The gudgeon is often the first fish a young angler catches. They seldom grow larger than 4 oz (I 13-4 g) but for their size they can be enjoyable to catch. Gudgeon are shoal fish and can be caught in large numbers. A gudgeon is similar in appearance to small barbel, but has only 2 barbulcs instead of 4, with much larger scales than those of a small barbel.

Gudgeon are bottom feeders and thrive where the river bed is gravelly. And can also be found in lakes and gravel pits where they have been introduced.

Maggots or small worms fished on very fine float tackle is the best way to catch gudgeon. Maggots are the most convenient bait and vou can often catch a number of gudgeon on the same maggot without having to rebait every cast. The bait must be on the bottom, so if you are trotting a float through a swim, adjust your tackle so you are fishing well over depth. A lew handfuls of fine cloud groundbait thrown in will soon have gudgeon swarming into the area. .