Growing Medlars

Soil and Situation. Medlars succeed in sunny places and rather rich soils, such as those that suit plums.

Planting. From the end of October to mid-March as for apples. Other details are also the same. Trees should be spaced at least 20 ft. apart.

Form of Training. Usually grown as a standard but occasionally seen as a bush.

Pruning. Early treatment is the same as for apples. Established trees that are in bearing do not as a rule require much pruning.

Picking. This should be done at the end of October. The fruits are placed in single layers, eyes downwards, on a shelf in a dry store or room, until they turn dark and become soft, a condition known as bletted. Bletting may take several weeks.

Routine Feeding. As for apples.

Routine Pest Control. Unnecessary.

Propagation. By budding in July—August, or grafting in March—April, on to pear stocks.

Varieties. Dutch, Nottingham, Royal.

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