Growing Fruit Trees On Walls
Fruit Growing

Growing Fruit Trees On Walls


A well-built brick wall provides the perfect background for trained fruit trees. They retain the heat of the sun and generally have a smooth surface. Stone walls can also be used, but all cracks and fissures should be filled with cement, as these harbour pests which attack the trees and ripening fruits. Plant the choicer dessert varieties of fruits against walls and get the full benefit of well-ripened fruits.

Growing Fruit Trees On WallsEvery aspect will grow something, and the following are a few suggestions: North walls. Pears: Marie Louise d’Uccle, Roosevelt. Cherries: Morello.

South walls. Apricots: Frogmore Early, Moorpark. Nectarines: John Rivers. Peaches: Duchess of Cornwall, Golden Eagle. Figs: Brown Turkey. Vines: Royal Muscadine, Black Ham-burgh.

West walls. Plums: Coe’s Golden

Drop, Giant Prune, Victoria. Pears: Jargonelle. Red currants: Comet, Lax-ton’s Perfection. Gooseberries: Howard’s Lancer, Leveller, May Duke.

East walls. Pears: Late flowering varieties. Apples: Late flowering varieties. Gooseberries: Lord Derby. Cherries: Morello.

Trees grown against walls need to be – trained and the fan-shaped style is the most usual. Various forms of cordons and espalier trees are also popular. The best method of securing the branches is to tie them to straining wires. These are placed at intervals of rz in. to 18 in. up the wall, and 4 in. to 6 in. from it. The wires may be secured to posts at either end or attached to special wall nails. Trees grown in this way do not receive much rain and should, therefore, be thoroughly watered periodically during spells of dry weather in summer.

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