Greenhouse Pest Control


This is a matter that could lead to problems and that everyone is not happy about. Much depends on the development of pesticides that can be guaranteed harmless to man and animals but effective over long periods in the control of pests. Unfortunately, many pests tend to develop an immunity to some pesticides unless the dose is high enough for an initial complete kill. Automatic pest control seems to rely on the vaporisation of pesticides and it is doubtful whether a concentration certain to kill completely could always be relied on. It would seem that a repellent action might be a better property to look for.

Greenhouse Pest ControlSome people do not like the idea of the greenhouse atmosphere constantly containing concentrations of chemicals that might be inhaled. Automatic pest control is therefore a matter of personal choice, and one that should be taken up only after critical and careful consideration of the literature issued by the manufacturers of such products and equipment.

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