Gower Nature Trails

The Gower is a leisure paradise for the industrial towns of South Wales and its many beaches are often crowded in high season and at weekends. Swansea is the gateway to Gower, a busy city at the mouth of the Tawe or Swansea Valley. It was the world centre of the non-ferrous metal industry for almost a century, having many copper, zinc and nickel works clustered around the port and into the lower part of the valley. This industrial past is celebrated in a most unusual walking trail which takes in such curiosities as Europe’s first reinforced concrete building (a grain mill of 1898), several ruined copper works and an industrial laboratory where the open hearth method of steel-making was perfected.

Porthcawl is a resort that grew to be a play-ground for both Swansea and Cardiff with safe bathing beaches and the vast funfair of Coney Beach. Porthcawl harbour is always busy with small craft and the pleasure trip boats that operate along the Bristol Channel coast. Royal Porthcawl is a championship golf course which no enthusiastic player should miss.

Anglers visiting the Gower area have a splendid choice of locations for shore fishing. Around Swansea the pier is noted for conger and winter whiting, while boat anglers out in the bay, to marks off the Mumbles, can expect bass, plaice, skate and monkfish. The fast currents around Oxwich attract big tope and the Port Eynon to Worms Head coast is excellent for bass. Outdoor types can camp in the heart of the Gower at Black Hills.