Gleditsia triacanthos is a handsome large central North American tree, allied to the false acacia (robinia). The beautiful frond-like glossy dark green leaves turn clear yellow in autumn. In warm and sunny climates formidable spines of 3 to 12 in. develop on the trunk and branches, a feature less marked in cooler climates or shaded areas. In autumn, glossy brown pods 1 to 1-1- ft. long hang effectively along the branches. The honey locust is happy in all soils and is tolerant of industrial air pollution. In small gardens it is best represented by either of the following forms. Bujoti (pendula) makes an elegant small weeping tree. The leafletsGleditsia are narrower than in the type. Sunburst ( inermis aurea) is a thornless variety forming a small or medium-sized tree of somewhat spreading habit. Bright yellow young leaves at the ends of the branches appear effectively among the older emerald-green leaves. This is a striking garden tree.