Giblets are the edible entrails as well as the extremities of poultry and game birds. In Britain, the term usually refers to the gizzard, liver, heart and neck, but in France it also includes the head, pinions, feet, kidneys and cocks’ combs.

Giblets, especially of larger poultry such as geese and turkey, are used for making ragouts and also for flavouring soups and sauces. Chicken giblets are usually used for flavouring stocks and are often included in stuffings. The livers of geese and ducks are not really considered giblets as they are delicacies and are usually prepared and cooked separately.

Chicken livers, though more common and not so expen-sive, are also cooked separately.

Cocks’ combs, kidneys and livers are used as garnishes in some classic French dishes.