German Sausage

Germany is famous for its wonderful variety of sausages. There are said to be over three hundred different kinds of sausages – ranging from the little Weisswurste to the thick Blutwurst to the expensive Getruffelte Ganseleberwurst, a goose liver and truffle sausage. They are usually made of highly spiced mixtures of pork, veal, beef, liver, bacon or blood, frequently contain garlic and are usually smoked. They come- in all shapes and sizes – from short and fat to long and thin.

Most German sausages are eaten cold, but some require to be cooked. Bratwurst means sausage for frying and the most famous are those made in Nuremburg where they are sold in multiples of six.

In Germany, sausages are often eaten hot, with mustard, in a crisp, caraway-seed roll – similar to the American ‘hot-dog’.