Garden Hose Reel

THE cheapest form of reel is a skeleton drum on which the hose is coiled. To rotate it, it is rolled along the ground. The first measure to be taken when such a reel has been purchased is to give it an extra coat of lead paint as a protection. Generally such articles as purchased from the shop have a pleasing, but not very durable, coat of colour. If the painting is deferred until after the reel has been in use for some weeks, spots of rust may appear, and no amount of painting afterwards will restore the surface to its original pristine condition. Rust may have penetrated under the edges of the corroded area, and will continue to eat away the metal.

Avoid any knocks or blows to the metalwork; use the reel gently always, and store it in a sheltered position when it is not in use. Empty the hose of water when coiling it up. In the case of a reel which has suffered damage or wear, go over the surface with a steel scraper and remove the paint around any rusted places. Next rub down the rusted spots with coarse emery cloth. Paint the bad places with red-lead mixed in linseed oil; when this is dry, apply ordinary lead paint over the same places.

Finish with an overall coat of the same paint.

In the case of a reel writh a frame, the treatment is also that outlined above; the bearing on which the reel rotates should be kept clean and well greased. 1 A wooden frame can be made for the simple reel first described if ; there is a central hole through ; which some sort of spindle can be ; inserted. Make up two A-shaped : standards of stout wood, the cross-! piece being on the outer side. Fix : these standards to a stout wooden oblong frame to rest on the ground, : so that when the reel is suspended > it will clear the frame by a couple of inches. J Bore a hole through the side of r each standard at the top, to take 1 the spindle for the reel.

If possible, make the hole in the 1 woodwork large enough to take a 1 short piece of brass tube to act as a r bearing for the spindle; the inside diameter of the tube must be t suitable to the spindle thickness, to ) allow of easy rotation. If a piece of 2 threaded steel rod is used for the 3 spindle, it can be kept in place by ; nuts and washers on the ends, <t outside the wooden standards.

General Information

Never for, although imperceptible at leave the hose unreeled for any first, deterioration of the material is great length of time (I.e. exposed accelerated by this form of neglect. To the varying weather conditions) Oil will also damage rubber.