Children of all ages love ‘Oranges and Lemons,’ ‘The Farmer’s in the Dell.’ ‘Forfeits,’ ‘Schoolmarm,’ ‘Statues,’ ‘Postman’s Knock ‘and the radio favourite ‘Twenty Questions.’

Then there are competitions for how many flowers, animals and places the children can name, and most little guests like to say their ‘party pieces.’

Don’t forget – if you are at a loss for a game at a children’s party, appeal to the children to help you. You will get more suggestions than you will need.

Always have a small snack and drink ready for the children before they leave for home.


Why not give the children a Hallowe’en party? This can be great fun.

Ice a plain cake and decorate it with a clothes-peg dressed to resemble a witch or with a black cat or lucky charms. Place a strip of orange crepe paper down the centre of the table and on this put a large mirror. Stand the cake in the centre of the minor, which should be bordered with well-polished, rosy apples. Place a rosy, polished apple on each guest’s plate.

For Hallowe’en decorations gather a few twigs, and to these fix cut-outs of witches, black cats and lanterns and dabs of red ceiling-wax. Each guest should wear a black mask, and be received by someone wearing a similar mask.