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Foreign bodies in the ear or nose

Children, in particular, seem to have a special talent for putting beads, peanuts, or whatever will fit, up their nose or their ears. In the case of a foreign body in the nose, breathing through the nose may be obstructed, and you should tell the child to breathe through the mouth. Do not try to remove the item from the nose yourself because you may only push it further in; instead, keep the child calm and take him or her to a doctor or nearby hospital. A nasal foreign body that is unsuspected usually causes a foul-smelling discharge from the nostril affected. The same general rules apply to a foreign body in the ear: if you attempt to get it out, you may push it right in and perforate the eardrum, so the child in question should be taken to a doctor. Cover the ear with a pad if the child ignores instructions not to touch the affected ear.

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