Flies are an expensive item in flyfishing and are easily lost or dam- aged. It often seems that the more expensive a fly you use the more likely you are to cast into a tree or snap the fly off on the back cast! It is worth the effort for anyone seriously interested in fly-fishing to start tying their own flies. There is a lot of satisfaction in tying a fly and then catching a fish on it. The basic tools you need to begin tying flics are a fly tie. Fly-tying is a very pleasant way to pass a dark winter evening. There is not the space in this article to describe the art of fly-tying, but there are many good books on the market which cover the subject very well and will provide you with the basic techniques.

Vice; a pair of small and a pair ol medium hackle pliers; a dubbing needle; tweezers; and a pair of sharp nosed scissors. Fly-tying materials can be collected on fishing trips. Heron feathers, pheasant tail feathers and pieces of sheep’s wool stuck to barbed wire fences can be found.