Fitting Hinge Bolts and Door Viewers


Electronic alarms are not the only way of

guarding against burglars. Many simple precautions can be taken which, for a relatively small outlay and little effort, will protect your home and give you peace of mind.


As discussed briefly before, hinge bolts will secure the hinge side of the door against forcing, and are particularly useful for externally opening doors and double doors. They should be fitted about 25mm inside the door hinges.

1. Drive a pin into the centre point of the stud position. Then mark the position of the recess on the frame by slightly closing the door so the pin leaves an impression on the timber. Fix the stud section to the door edge. Open the door and wedge it then drill a 10mm hole, 38mm deep.

2. Then drill a 12mm diameter hole slightly deeper than the depth of the bolt in the frame. 3 Chisel out a recess for the striking plate and screw it in position, ensuring that it doesn’t prevent the door from closing.


How to Fit Door ViewersAs mentioned before if you’ve a solid front door, it’s useful to know just who’s outside before opening it. You can check out your visitors by installing a door viewer fitted in the centre of the door and set at a good height.

To fit a door viewer, drill a 12mm hole through the door, taking care not to splinter the wood by getting a helper to hold a wood block at the back.

Push the barrel of the viewer into the hole from the outside; that way you’ll be able to make sure that the flange of the lens butts tightly up to the exterior surface of the door.

Finally, fix the eyepiece to the barrel from the inside. Use a coin to screw it into position.

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