Fishing in Lowland rivers

The levels of lowland rivers do not fluctuate nearly so much as spate rivers. In times of heavy rain they will rise and run coloured and in freak conditions they will occasionally flood. Normally the levels of these rivers are more predictable and consequently the angler is not so dependent on the prevailing weather conditions for his sport. Lowland rivers flowing through rich agricultural land are normally capable of supporting more life than spate rivers. The different zones of a lowland river are not so readily defined and coarse fish are often present right up to the river source. Even when the infant river is just a trickle of water meandering across a meadow, a wide variety of water plants flourishes. In summer the upper reaches of these rivers can become choked with water weed and marginal rushes. Aquatic life is very rich and the fish in this type of river have plenty of food. In the upper reaches the rivers run clear and.

Where they are still narrow, fish spotting is relatively easy. The main species of fish likely to be found in these reaches will be chub, dace, roach and perch. As the river increases in width then shoals of bream will appear. The flow on this type of river can vary a great deal. Some lowland rivers are shallow with a lively current flowing over waving beds of streamer weed, whereas others are very slow moving with thick beds of water lilies.

Frequently these lowland rivers join to form a very large river. These large lowland rivers then resemble the lower reaches of a spate river but without the high flood bankings. Most species of fish will be found in these rivers with the exception of grayling. Trout may be present but are uncommon, and the slower flowing rivers are unlikely to support barbel.

On the smaller rivers, boat traffic can be a serious problem for the angler and the fishing is sometimes better in the winter months when the number of pleasure craft decreases. In the overgrown, weedy stretches of river there is also more open water to fish when the vegetal ion dies clown in the winter.