Fishing for zander

The methods used for catching zander are very similar to those used for catching pike but the strength of the tackle has to be somewhat reduced. Zander do not have the huge mouth of a pike and are not capable of dealing with big fish baits. When a zander grabs a small fish it will often swim a considerable distance before attempting to swallow it. So the smaller the fish bait the greater your chance of hooking the zander. Small rudd and roach up to 4 inches (10 cm) long are good zander bails. Gudgeon are also good zander baits and they have the advantage over other small fish bails in that the flesh is firmer, allowing a more secure hookhold. This is an advantage when having to cast the bail long distances to reach feeding zander. When live-baiting for zander with float tackle use the smallest and most streamlined float that will support your bait -zander are likely to drop your bait if they feel any excessive resistance. A reel line of fi lb ‘2.7-, ke breaking strain is strong enough to land most zander. Use a fine elasticum wire trace because it is more than likely when zander fishing that a number of pike will be caught. Mount your bait on two size 10 treble hooks as for pike. Deadbaits can be presented for zander on standard leger tackle using an Arlesey bomb.