White fish, such as whiting, solo, and plaice, are best for invalids, and it should be fresh, firm, free from skin, and filleted whenever possible. Steaming or boiling are the best and first ways of cooking fish for invalids, grilling and baking coming later as the digestion improves.

For convalescents it may be fried to render it more palatable, but great care must be taken that the fat in which it is cooked is really boiling, so that the fish may be dry and crisp, otherwise it may cause indigestion.

If a sauce is not allowed, a pat of butter, flavoured with lemon juice if liked, may be placed on the fish before serving. If no vegetable is permitted, let a little thin bread and butter or toast accompany the dish.

The simplest way to steam a fillet or a small piece of fish is to place it on a soup plate with a very little milk, seasoning. And, if allowed, a small pat of butter on top. Cover the plate, stand it on a saucepan of boiling water, and allow to cook for ten minutes.