Eye tumour

Benign or malignant tumour of the eye or eyelid. Eye tumours are rare, the commonest being the retinoblastoma, a malignant tumour that originates in the retina, usually in children under the age of three. Tumours of the eyelid are more common; a basilioma is often found on the eyelids of elderly people, particularly in places much exposed to the sun and in people with pale skin. Another tumour-like disorder is a chalazion, which resembles a raised wart. It requires no treatment other than for cosmetic reasons. Swelling of the eylid is usually caused by inflammation or a blocked exit from a lymph node. Tumours originating in a lymph gland in the upper or lower eyelid are extremely rare. Sometimes a small tumour of the blood vessels occurs in the eye socket behind the eye. The family doctor should be consulted about any lump in or on the eyes or eyelids.

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