Eye injuries

May be inflicted by a blunt or a sharp object. Damage by a sharp object (pin, fingernail, metal splinter, etc.) damages either the cornea or the conjunctiva. Such wounds are painful. Any foreign body remaining in the eye must be removed by a doctor, and antibiotic ointment applied to prevent infection. If the object has cut right through the cornea or conjuntiva, rapid treatment is necessary to prevent clouding of the eye. There is also a risk of inflammation of the eye itself, which could lead to its loss. Eye wounds inflicted by blunt objects cause bruising of the eye, with a possible black eye or conjunctival bleeding, making the sclera red. These two conditions heal without treatment. It is more serious if bleeding occurs in the aqueous humour or the retina, causing partial loss of the field of vision (hemianopia). Tears can also occur in various structures in the eye, and it is possible to fracture the eye socket bone. Any bruising of the eye involving loss of field of vision, double vision, blurred sight or severe pain should be assessed by a specialist.

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