European Pond Terrapins

Terrapins are carnivorous and need a diet of raw meat, whole fish, and such freshwater life as Daphnia, Gammarus and Tubifex. Both crustaceans and molluscs will be taken complete with their shells, which are valu-

able for their calcium content. Terrapins will also eat pond weeds and lettuce.


Terrapins should be kept in a garden pond with access to an island or an enclosed shore area where they can rest and bask.

In the wild, terrapins hibernate in the mud at the bottom of ponds.


Tropical terrapins have the same diet as the European variety, but they suffer from a lack of natural sunlight and need food rich in vitamins and calcium.


The Red-eared terrapin will only survive outside in this climate in high summer. Throughout the rest of the year it needs to be accommodated in an aquarium tank heated to a constant 24-29°C (75-85°F), and equipped with a basking area.