LIGHTING current is brought into a house by two conductors connected with the street mains . Immediately after entering, the conductors are connected to a pair of fuses controlled by the company. Beyond this they run (one has to traverse the companys meter on the way) to a double-pole main switch, the opening of which cuts both conductors off from what is on the farther side of the switch. The identity and purpose of this switch should be known to every responsible person in the house.

From the main switch the conductors go through another pair of fuses, to the distribution, or fuse-box, from which branch off the various lighting circuits of the house. To every circuit conductor connected with the box then? Is a fuse. The two fuses of a circuit are arranged one on each side of a projecting rib, which makes it difficult or impossible for an object to touch both fuses at the same time. The glazed cover of the box should be kept locked if within the reach of children.

A lighting circuit throws out branches to the various lamps, or groups of lamps or wall-plug sockets which it supplies, and each lamp branch includes a switch, the opening (switching off) or closing (switc ing on) of which respectively interrupts or causes the flow of current.

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