Electric Light Fittings

CHOOSE electric light fittings according to the style of the room. There is a rich variety of colour and of shape. A light over the bed is a necessity. Where there are twin bedsteads there will need to be one over each, and in the case of a double bedstead one on each side. Some people prefer a standard lamp on a table beside the bed instead of the light overhead. This means that when the house is wired, plugs just above the skirting will baneeded instead of on the wall higher up.

A pendant hung over the dressing-table not only gives light to the table but to the whole room; on the other hand a tube light attached to the mirror of the table gives more direct light to the actual mirror. The wash-basin, which is fitted with a mirror, also needs light, and can be supplied in the same ways as the dressing table. A central light for general use is often let into the ceiling, hidden by coloured glass that matches the other fittings. Tills gives a soft, subdued light and can be repeated in the walls if deemed necessary.

A bureau or writing-table must be included in a bedroom where space will permit. An electric table standard lamp is the most suitable for it3 lighting. A fitted gas or electric fire is the cleanest and most efficient means of heating the bedroom. A bedroom should mark the individuality of its occupant and not be simply a copy of your friends next door.

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