Ejaculation, premature

Ejaculation of semen before the penis has entered the vagina, or the inability of the man to recognize and delay the moment of orgasm. There are two forms of premature ejaculation. The first is hypotonic, in which ejaculation takes place without any powerful pulses and is more continuous, with a much reduced orgasm. This form is usually caused by conscious or unconscious psychological problems. The second form of premature ejaculation is hypertonic, in which haste and greatly increased tension are the cause of rapid ejaculation. It may occur in men who have had no sexual intercourse for a long time, in inexperienced men who are sexually very stimulated, and in men having too tight a foreskin (phimosis), in whom rapid ejaculation is a means of preventing pain. Situations where there is a danger of discovery or interruption during the sex act sometimes also lead to premature ejaculation.

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