Eggs are a valuable food, the white being equal in nourishment to the yolk and more easily digested. The former is often given, in cases where the yolk is not allowed, in the form of albumen water, or beaten up in milk or, simply whisked stiffly and flavoured with a little lemon juice and sugar.

When raw eggs are ordered they may be given in milk, in tea or coffee, or in the form of egg flip. A quick way of beating up an egg is to place it in a glass, hold a piece of paper on top of the glass and shake vigorously.

Eggs should be very lightly cooked to be digestible, being either lightly poached, boiled, scrambled or coddled, the last mentioned being a general favourite with invalids. To prepare, pour boiling water into a cup containing a new laid egg and let it stand on a hot place for seven minutes, when the white will be found to be jelly-like and the whole egg delicious.