Economical hints


Bacon rind flavours soups, scrambled eggs and stews. Slip two or diree rinds in the cooking pot and remove before serving. When placed on top of joints, they add flavour to the meat. 9S

A thin rasher of bacon rolled round each sausage is tasty served with baked beans. A thin rasher added to toasted cheese-put the dish under the grill for a few minutes – is delicious.

Boiled runner-beans, fried bacon, fried tomatoes and z-in. Squares of fried bread, make a tasty supper dish. Tomatoes stuffed with scrambled egg and chopped bacon pieces make a real treat.

Avoid bacon rashers with red lean parts – they are usually salty and get hard quickly. Never buy bacon with yellow fat – it is stale. Streaky bacon is a cheap cut – there is no waste and it is ideal for families. When cooking green vegetables, add two bacon rinds. They add flavour to the vegetables.

If butter and margarine are placed in a dish of cold water during the hot weather, and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda is added to the water, they will keep fresh and firm.


When breadcrumbs are mentioned in recipes it is understood that toasted breadcrumbs are meant. It is seldom that fresh breadcrumbs are used.


Sprinkle custards with nutmeg after baking to improve the flavour. Use custard mixture of the consistency of batter in place of egg for mixing with breadcrumbs when coating fish.

Failure of custard tarts is often due to self-raising flour. This makes the pastry rise too much and the custard soaks through. Use plain flour and baking powder for custard tarts.


A cake which is coarse and holey in texture is caused by adding the liquids too quickly. The secret of a good cake is to put it on the low shelf in the oven. After fifteen minutes, turn the heat down and allow one horn- to one pound of mixture.

Slow baking docs not break cake tops. Dip the cake top in slightly warmed syrup, then add small sweets, coconut and chopped nuts as a decoration. Do this soon after the cake leaves the oven.


A sponge which has become sticky on the outside after cooking is the result of insufficient heating.


When the gas pressure varies and you cannot rely on numbers, test the heat of the oven by placing a little flour on a tin and leaving it in the oven for five minutes. If it turns chocolate brown, the oven is hot; if golden brown, the oven is moderate; if pale fawn colour, the oven is slow.

Always store tinned food in a cool, dry place, as damp and excessive heat can have harmful effects.

Save stale pieces of bread, dip them in an egg mixture and fry them for the children’s tea. Serve them with jelly.

A lemon will yield nearly double the usual quantity of juice if it is heated thoroughly before squeezing. Lemons can be kept for a considerable time in airtight glass fruit-jars.

Keep all margarine and butter papers and use them to grease baking tins.

Set an alarm clock when baking. In this way you can go on with other jobs and the clock will ring when it is time to remove the cooked food from the oven or pan.

Cover all frying with a lid and you will use less fat and the meat will be nice and tender.

Cook beetroots in your oven when the oven is in use. Put them in an earthenware jar with a pinch of salt and cold water to cover. Leave in all the time the oven is used.

Try beating up eggs and sugar in a bowl held over a pan of hot water. They get diick and creamy this way and the beating is much easier.

To boil eggs without the shell breaking, add 1 teaspoonful of fat to the water. This also makes the eggs peel more easily.

To increase the strength of tea, keep the rind of an orange in the tea-caddy.

Grease the side of the pan in which you are melting chocolate and the chocolate will not stick to the pan.

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