Factors that must be Considered in Making a Choice the various items of the menu, speaks for itself. Quantity Cooking QUANTITY cooking is a saving both in time and fuel, and the type of cooking utensil used has a direct bearing on economy as well as efficiency. In this respect be it remembered that glass, earthenware, and aluminium are all heat retainers.

New conditions call for new inventions. The smaller houses of to-day demand economy of space and expenditure, and housewives demand economy in labour. They will find these in the new Herald gas combination, which means a complete

EVERY housekeeper who is interested in her work will not only want her kitchen to be furnished with the most efficient means for cooking meals, she will want to know which are best for lightening the labour of preparing meals, and which will do so at the least expenditure of money.

Whether the means used for generating the necessary heat for cooking be gas, electricity, coal or oil is a matter of individual convenience and choice. The best designers and artisans are working day by day to discover everything possible to bring the modern cooker up to perfection.

First, as to gas. Like ail household appliances, gas cookers are constantly chang-ing in design, and new and efficient features are being added.

It is, therefore, no economy in clinging to an old type of gas cooker. The local gas company will always arrange to replace an old cooker with an up-to-date model suited for each particular household.

The size must be just right for the household for which it is needed. If too large as to oven it wastes space and heat, while one that is too small causes inconvenience.

The housewife whose kitchen Is fitted with the Aga cooker

Present-day cookers of all kinds have a variety of special features, but everyone who has used a New World cooker, fitted with a gas control, realizes how much time and trouble, not to speak of as, is saved. The fact that a whole dinner may be cooked at one and the same time, by the same set-ting, allowing for the different degrees of heat required by unit, a gas oven, a gas fire, and a highly efficient gas-heated boiler, suitable for connecting up with an existing hot-water circulation. For the small house, flat, or kitchenette, it offers the smallest complete cooking apparatus on the market.

Everr housewife appreciates an electric range such as the Magnet, which makes the work of preparing three meals a day no longer a laborious task.

Cooking by electricity is clean and de-pendable. For the heat can be regulated with the nicest exactitude from low to medium, from medium to full heat merely by a turn of the switch. When one the required temperature is reached it can be retained by means of a very small current consumption.

The distinguishing features of cooking done electrically are even brownness and crispness linked with the fact of the least possible loss of weight and flavour. The certainty of temperature ensured with an electric cooker is a great asset to a busy housewife, whose attention is engaged with many things other than cookery.

As with a gas cooker, the utensils used with an electric one are important. Kettles and pans with a broad base should be chosen, and preference given to earthenware and glassware.