6 medium potatoes (mashed), margarine tfie size of an egg, 1 cupful milk, 2 eggs, 2 cupfuls sugar, 3 tablespoonfuls baking powder.

Mix ingredients, using sufficient flour to roll out and shape. Fry in hot fat. Cover with castor sugar.

DUMPLINGS 1 cupful plain flour, 1 lbs baking powder, 1 teaspoonful salt, ½ teaspoonful sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls margarine, 1 cupful milk. (Enough for four portions.)

Sift dry ingredients together, rub tat into Hour, add milk to make a thick batter which can be dropped from the spoon into the stew or soup.


Rind and juice of one lemon, 3 oz. Sugar, ½ oz. Gelatine, 1 egg.

Put rind, juice, sugar and gelatine into half a pint hot water and stir until dissolved. Then whisk in raw egg, strain and leave to set. Use 1 oz. Gelatine to 1 pint liquid.


Wash all fish before cooking. Fresh herrings are delicious coated in oatmeal, then fried.

I steam small fillets between two plates; in this way they retain their flavour and shape. Season well while the fish is steaming.

Fish must be dry before coating it in beaten egg, and the fat must have a blue haze coming from it before you put the fish in to fry. You can also coat fish in beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

So long as your fish is dry and the fat is at the proper temperature, you will get lovely golden fried fish.

FISH CAKES ½ lb. Boiled cod [or any other while fish), 1 oz. Margarine, 2 table-spoonfuls flour, breadcrumbs, chopped parsley, 1 gill milk, 1 egg, seasoning. (Enough for four persons.) Make a smooth paste of the flour and margarine, add the milk slowly and stir in the flaked fish, seasoning and parsley. Stir well over a slow heat, then add one well-beaten egg (keep a little of the egg aside for the shaping of the fish cakes). If desired, a little tomato sauce may be added.

When cold, shape into fish cakes, eidier round or a sausage shape, dip in the beaten egg and the breadcrumbs and fry in boiling fat. Garnish with parsley.


Wash fish, cover with cold water, allow to soak for half an hour. Pour off water. Cover with hot water, allow to stand for a quarter of an hour. Drain and wipe dry. Brush widi margarine and grill slowly, turning frequently. Serve with parsley sauce and chips.


Cut a young chicken into pieces, leave in cold water until thoroughly chilled.

Put some flour into a strong paper bag, add a little salt, drop chicken pieces into the bag and shake until well coated with flour.

Fry in very hot fat until brown both sides, then put four table-spoonfuls of hot water into the pan, cover with a lid and steam slowly for about an hour. Chicken is delicious and tender cooked this way.

Serve with buttered onions, creamed potatoes and green peas.

I serve strawberry preserve or black-currant jelly with chicken, but that is a matter for individual taste.


Mix together dates and rhubarb and use as filling for pastry. Roll pastry thinly, spread the filling, place another pastry layer on top, mark in fingers. Bake in a moderate oven (350°F.).


Chop apple, orange, dates or any other fruit available, and arrange in dishes. Put a spoonful of syrup round the fruit, add jelly or mock cream or both.

HOMEMADE HONEY Skin and core of 1 apple, 2 small sweet-orange skins, 1 pint water, 6 tablespoonfuls sugar, pinch of ground ginger. Boil skins and core about one hour until soft. This makes half a teacupful of juice. Put a small portion of margarine into the juice and add the sugar and ginger; boil until firm (about six minutes). This makes half a pound of delicious honey.

LIVER AND ONIONS 3 slices liver, 1 large diced onion, fat for frying. (Enough for two persons.)

Grind three slices of liver and the diced onion, brown in fat, then make thick gravy with flour and gravy browning. This is delicious on creamed potatoes.


Liver, mushrooms, lemon, salt, pepper, chopped parsley. Chop everything and fry in a little fat, turning frequently. Serve on hot toast.


To 4 oz. Cooked macaroni and 4 oz. Cheese add left-over potatoes, vegetables, bacon fat and milk – even breadcrumbs.

Cook together in a pie-dish in a slow oven (275°F.) for one hour. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and dot with margarine; brown under the grill. (Enough for four persons.)

MEAT LOAF 1 ½ lb. Minced beef, 1 teacup ful breadcrumbs, chopped onion, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

Mix all ingredients together, put into a basin and steam for two and a half hours. Bind with half an egg.


To make minced meat go a long way, add 3 heaped tablespoonfuls of tapioca to 2 lb. Sausage meat and 1 cupful of milk. Tomato juice can be used instead of milk.

Mix together and let this stand for a little while, then cut into the required thickness and cook.

OMELETTE (MIXED) 1 rasher of bacon, 3 medium tomatoes, 2 medium onions, 2 eggs, flour, seasoning. (Enough for two persons.)

Cut rasher into cubes and fry; cut up tomatoes and onions and fry. Beat up eggs with a tablespoonful of flour; add to ingredients in pan, turn omelette and serve immediately. Tomatoes could be omitted if desired.

Onion omelette, cheese omelette and sausage omelette – all are-made this way.


Large cupful plain flour, ½ teaspoonful salt or sugar, level tea-spoonful bicarbonate of soda, level teaspoonful cream of tartar,

Mix ingredients to form a batter. Drop small spoonfuls on to a hot girdle or baking sheet which has been greased well.


The main kinds of pastry are – flaky pastry, puff pastry and short pastry. I keep mostly to short pastry – it is the most economical, the quickest to make and a boon to the housewife when she has odds and ends to use up. I make my short pastry like this:

Mix the flour and salt, rub in the fat (rub in means gently break up the fat with the flour mixture until the mixture is like breadcrumbs), add water gradually until the dough is soft but not sticky – sticky, wet pastry makes tough eating.

Roll out the soft dough on a floured board, rolling lightly and handling as little as possible. Never roll off the edges of pastry, as this takes the air out. Leave the pastry rolled out for twenty minutes before putting it in the oven.

Quantities vary according to the amounts you want to make, but if you follow my rule of allowing 6 oz. Margarine to just over ½ lb. Flour you will get a good measure to go by. Always remember the pinch of salt, and, of course, the water used depends on the amounts of flour and margarine.

FLAKY PASTRY ½ lb. Flour, pinch of salt, 6 oz. Margarine, ½ teaspoonful cream of tartar, water to mix.

Sift flour and mix all dry ingredients. Chip the margarine into these and stir with a knife – Jo not rub in. Stir in the water until you have a firm dough. Roll lightly on a floured board, and fold over each edge to the centre. Repeat this and roll out lighdy. Repeat the folding and rolling, and when you have done this three times the pastry is ready.

PUFF PASTRY 6 oz. Flour, 4 oz. Margarine, pinch of salt and water to mix.

Sift flour very finely – use a sieve for this if you have one – and add salt. Cut the margarine into thin slices and put them into the flour, one piece at a time, then lightly roll each piece of margarine on a well-floured board. Mix the flour in the bowl with very little water, using a knife and making the mixture as light as possible – it must not be sticky.

Roll out the mixture as thin as possible, then cover the centre with half the rolled margarine. Fold over one end of the pastry, put the remaining slices of margarine on this, and fold over the other end of the pastry. Roll very gently and leave for a Iittle while. Now roll the pastry as you did for flaky pastry. The folding and rolling make the pastry rise, so the more you fold and roll the more will your pastry rise.

The oven must not be more than 500°F. For puff pastry and 450°F. For both flaky and short pastry.

PIE (LEMON) Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon, cupful water, cupful sugar, knob of margarine, 2 table spoonfuls cornflour, 1 egg. (Enough for four persons.)

Boil the juice and rind of the lemon in one cupful of water; add the sugar, margarine and cornflour and boil until thick. 7i

When cooled slightly, heat one egg and add this. Line a plate with pastry, add the lemon mixture, cover with pastry and bake in a moderate oven (350°F.) for fifteen minutes.


Peeled marrow, ½ cupful sugar, 1 teaspoonful cinnamon, 1 tea-spoonful nutmeg, 1 teaspoonful ginger, ½ teaspoonful salt, 1 tablespoonful flour, 1 egg. (Enough for four persons.) Cut the marrow into chunks, boil until soft, then mash. Add 1 cupfuls of the mashed marrow to the dry ingredients, add i1 cupfuls of milk. (The mixture should look like a dark custard.) Line a baking tin with pie-crust and pour in this mixture. Cook for ten minutes in a hot oven (475°F.) then for twenty minutes at 300°F.