Diagnosis and treatment

As knowledge about how and why the body malfunctions increases, there is a widening gap between knowing the cause of a disorder and being able to cure it. People sometimes think that the diagnosis of a certain disorder guarantees a cure, but this is not true. The number of medicines available today is confusingly high, and a doctor may not always make the correct choice.

Another point is that treatments are subject to changes of fashion, like clothes. The reasons why cancer develops have been sought in infection by micro-organisms, allergic, toxic or autoimmune mechanisms; genetic and psychic make up. A doctor iatros ยป will prescribe treatment depending on which of these categories he favours.

Medical science is still in the dark about the treatment of many disorders. But the patient wants a cure. In this respect it is not surprising that the prescription of medicines is steadily increasing, despite doubtful benefits. The patient wants the doctor to act and do something, and the doctor often has only a prescription to offer.

For some doctors, a pill is an easier alternative to talking or listening.