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dermatitis herpetiformis

Skin disorder that can be very similar to eczema, in which skin abnormalities spread symmetrically over the body, particularly the arms, shoulder blades and the crease of the buttocks. The abnormalities consist of blisters, small pimples and lesions caused by burst blisters. The affected area is often heavily pigmented. The cause of the condition is not known, but the fact that antibodies are found in the lesions suggest that it is an autoimmune disease, an oversensitivity to the patient’s own skin cells, but the argument is weakened by the fact that the disorder does not react to treatment for autoimmune disease. The condition is often associated with allergy to gluten, a substance that occurs in wheat and other grains. The disorder can then be treated by a gluten-free diet, often supplemented with DDS, a drug originally developed for the treatment of leprosy and which seems to give good results.

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