Where there are twin beds, don’t hang a picture above each bed. Instead, group a few small pictures just above the centre table – this looks pretty and unusual.

Frame a room door with small pictures of flowers or animals or birds. Fix a folding ledge to a wall in a small room and you get an occasional table for use when you have guests. And fix a small folding shelf on the side of an arm-chair – it will hold the reading-lamp, the work-box, or a tray with a snack meal.

Keep a chest of drawers in the home specially for holding items for a definite use, such as one drawer for invalid requirements, one for holiday requirements, one for guests’ requirements, and a gift drawer. Paint a small appropriate design on each drawer. This chest of drawers should be an unusually attractive asset for the landing. Decorate your own furniture. You can buy designs and motifs to apply, but it gives a better and more expensive finish if you create your own simple designs.

Before decorating, repaint the article. First wash .the surface with a strong solution of sugar soap – then sandpaper until surface is really smooth. Be sure it is dry before you apply two undercoatings – apply the top coat smoothly. Then decorate according to your prearranged plan. You can get interesting designs and ideas from a study of a needlework book.

When you buy an occasional table, get one to serve many purposes; one with let-down sides, even a drawer – a bottom shelf can be added by the handyman. This is a great help for keeping a room tidy.

A side window with a poor outlook can be effectively camouflaged. Fix narrow 12-in. Bookshelves in the window space and a scat under the window.

In nailing to plaster, put a piece of adhesive tape where you intend to knock the hole; this helps to prevent cracking or chipping around the hole.

Before opening a tin of paint, turn it upside down for a short time and it will mix well.

A small mirror in a neat frame can be used as a smart tea-tray or table-centre, and a mirror makes an attractive bedside-table-top.

Use glass shelves, glass ornaments and glass table-tops where you can throughout the home – they save so much work. A glass top to the hall table, the dressing-table, the tea trolley, the occasional table – all are useful and you can have pretty tray-cloths under the glass and save on laundry bills. Old pictures will make lovely trays after the man of the house has added handles.